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More Transmissible Mutants of COVID-CoV-2 Likely to be Less Rather Than More Damaging

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In a post here on May 3 and in a post on the on-line magazine TVOL here
I suggested that the virus COVID-CoV-2 could well evolve to become more transmissible. Three broad classifications of mechanisms were mentioned – increases in maintenance, motility and mutability. This now seems to have occurred in London and south-east England although the mechanism remains unknown. This is not just an “I told you so” but also to add another prediction. Mutants of the virus that successfully spread are likely to cause the disease COVID-19 to become less rather than more damaging and fatal. This is because it is not in the virus’ interest to keep one down and unable to circulate let alone kill its victims along with itself.

Written by Marion Blute

December 20, 2020 at 5:11 pm

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